Vision Statement

Cree will be the main means of communication that connects us with our past; strengthens our social, emotional and spiritual well-being; and reinforces the importance of our traditions, culture and modern way of life.

Miyo Pimatisiwin: Nisto — Kaskatinowipisim 2015

The Good Life: Edition 3 — October 2015

kanesotipeyihtamihk kiskeyitamowin

Sharing Knowledge

Nature Deficit Disorder


Miyo Pimatisiwin: Niso — Opaskowipisim 2015

The Good Life: Edition 2 — July 2015

nehiyaw nikamonak: oyoyowak ohci nanaskomowin

Cree Songs: Howls for Gratitude

awa acahk wapi-oho nikamowin

Spiritual White Owl Song

Miyo-Micisowin: Peyak

Good Eating: Episode One


Cree Word of the Week

  • sōhkisiwin

  • Strength

Available By Request

The following language education materials are available at our office:
  • Cree Language Books
  • Cree Dictionary
  • Language posters
  • Flash Cards
  • Calendars
  • Alphabet charts
  • CDs
  • Cookbooks
  • Promotional cups and shirts
  • Legend story books and children’s books
  • Shoulder zipper bags