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Resources available for online viewing

Cree Title English title Storyteller/Writer
Kikway Kapehtakwahk Takwakin Sounds of Fall Kennedy, Pi
Kinosew ohci Otakwanimitisowin Fish for Supper unknown
Mamawapiyak (An Interview with Dorothy Dejarlias) Community Dejarlais, Dorothy
Mistikwak ekwa Kiscikanis Trees and Plants CLP
Miyo Pimatisiwin: Nisto — Kaskatinowipisim 2015 The Good Life: Edition 3 — October 2015 CLP
Miyo Pimatsiwin: Niso — Opaskowipisim 2015 The Good Life: Edition 2 — July 2015 NWT Cree Language Program
Miyo Pimatsiwin: Peyak — Apiniyawewpisim 2015 The Good Life: Edition One — May 2015 Various Authors
Miyo Tipiskaw Goodnight Kennedy, Pi
Miyo-Micisowin: Peyak Good Eating: Episode One Sanderson, Vance
Nakiskawihk Niya Peyakoskan Meet My Family Klippenstein, Blaine


Available By Request

The following language education materials are available at our office:
  • Cree Language Books
  • Cree Dictionary
  • Language posters
  • Flash Cards
  • Calendars
  • Alphabet charts
  • CDs
  • Cookbooks
  • Promotional cups and shirts
  • Legend story books and children’s books
  • Shoulder zipper bags