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Resources available for online viewing

Cree Title English title Storyteller/Writer
Akihtasowin Numbers Cardinal, Mary
Askiy ekwa Meskwacipayowina Land and Seasons CLP
Atayohkewin ohci Wisakechak: Ohciwin ohci awa Tipiskaw Pisim Tales of Wisakechak: Origin of the Moon Sanderson, Irene
awa acahk wapi-oho nikamowin Spiritual White Owl Song Cardinal, Mary
Awina E wikit Sakahk Who lives in the Bush? Tuckey, Liz
Eta Kisikaw Tahkoc Askiy A Day on the Land Kennedy, Pi
Isipikiskwehk Masinahikan The Language Book Various Authors
Ka Wehsipwehtehk Wikowin Heading Home Kennedy, Pi
Ketasinastek Colours CLP
Kicimos Your sweetheart Bourke, Rosalie


Available By Request

The following language education materials are available at our office:
  • Cree Language Books
  • Cree Dictionary
  • Language posters
  • Flash Cards
  • Calendars
  • Alphabet charts
  • CDs
  • Cookbooks
  • Promotional cups and shirts
  • Legend story books and children’s books
  • Shoulder zipper bags