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nehiyaw nikamonak: oyoyowak ohci nanaskomowin

Cree Songs: Howls for Gratitude

nēhiyawewin artists and Elders came together with the NWT Cree Language Program to share these nikamonak asici ki-pekiskwahk māmawapiyakosak for FREE. We are grateful for the Elders, artists and communities who cam together to share our beautiful language through music.

Nehiyaw Nikamonak itwewin (Cree Songs Lyrics) — a compressed version of the lyrics booklet is avaliable at the bottom of this post underneath "blog attachment"

Nehiyaw Nikamonak (Cree Songs) CD

Featured on this album are:

1. Look At This — A Tribe Called Red/Northern Cree
2. Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin — The Johnnys
3. Nika-Mo — Jason Burnstick
4. Nikamowin Nikamon ē Nēhiyaw — Jordann Poitras
5. Ātayōhkan — State of the Art
6. Nehiyaw Nīmihitowin — K.A.S.P.
7. Sōniskwātahikēw Nikamon — Gerald/Gerry Poitras
8. Ninikimowinān — Iskwew Singers
9. Pekiskwewin Sīpīy — Dominic Abraham
10. Singer’s Song — Northern Cree Singers
11. Awa Acahk Wapī-Ōhō Nikamon — Mary Cardinal
12. Creeland Blues — Art Napoleon
13. Kiyanāw Acakosih-Tipiskāw — Kelcey Pierrot
14. Miyo Nihtāwikiwin Kokum — NWT Cree Language Program

The title of this album translates to Cree Songs: Howls of Gratitude, and represents a cultural teaching of how wolves howl before and after every meal. The CD can be found in maskosēya sīpīy mīna kaskewewin (Hay River and Fort Smith).

miyo nēhiyawēwin kīsikaw ohci
étis Nation mīna
NWT Cree Language Program

Veronica Johnny and Travis Mercredi are co-producers, and Paul Bannister from Cascade Graphics designed the album. Melanie Jewell designed and illustrated the wolf and wolf texture.

Special thanks to those who attended the Youth Learn Cree Through Music Workshop.


The NWT Cree Language Program gratefully acknowledges the fniancial contribution from the Department of Education, Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories. We are also grateful for the support from the media in sharing our language project, and encouraging other language groups to produce similar projects in the languages of their lineage.


<p>Tansi, &nbsp;please share the link so I can download a copy on the release date.</p><p>hiiy hiiy&nbsp;</p><p>Lorna</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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