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Miyo-Pimātsiwin: Peyak

Good Life: One

Tanisi mīna miyo kīsikāw!

We are happy to announce the release of our very first edition of our new bi-monthly newsletter, Miyo-Pimātsiwin! (Which can be found underneath "Resources" as "Miyo-Pimātsiwin: Peyak — Apiniyāwewpīsim 2015" or right here.)

In this first edition, we focus on the subject of Māmawāpiyak (Community) and it's importance in revitalizing language, with insights shared to us by local kihtehayah (elder) Dorothy Dejarlais, and globally renowned liguistics professor Noam Chomsky. And using information compiled by author Richard Van Camp, we also put together an article on the Cree understanding of "Acāhkosak, awa Tipiskāw Pīsim, mīna Kihcikīsik" (Stars, the Moon, and Heaven).

Besides the topics mentioned above, there are various other articles — mīna mitawewina! (and games!)

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this acimomasinahikan ohci sakaw (newspaper from the bush).

Kinanaskomitin ohci ayamihchikewin!


P.S. For our upcoming issues, we hope to include articles written by other various contributors. If you are interested in contributing to our newsletter, feel free to contact us at

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