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Māmawāpiyak is a group of people brought together by circumstance or by choice; the people you share a community with become your second family. There are different kinds of communities –brought together by growth and loss. Kitōtēmak mīna piyakōskān (your friends and family) are a community that you grow up with. Even the people you identify with online could be considered a community. Māmawāpiyak is not limited to the people who live around you; māmawāpiyak is a group of people who come together and form bonds over time. 

Being a part of a community is mamāhtāwitāw (empowering) — it gives you a sense of belonging, of being important. But being a part of a community is also a privilege, and not everybody has the opportunity to be a part of one. Community members must value each other and realize how lucky they are to be together.

Losses within the māmawāpiyak, or times when a member is suffering, can lead to niyanān ahcāhk (our spirits) feeling weighed down. Under these circumstances, a māmawāpiyak becomes even closer. This is also one of the many great aspects of being part of a close-knit group of people. They can support you when you need it most. One of the best ways to heal after having suffered a loss or going through a struggle is spending time with your māmawāyāwin and your nitōtēmak mīna piyakōskān (friends and family). Talking with somebody you are close with about your feelings is a great relief. Having a community means always having somebody there to share the burden with you. Having this support is sohkiwaniskānikewin (relieving).

Kinanaskomitin ohci ayamihchikewin!

Here are some additional Resources that we feel suit the theme of the blog post:                             

We are devoted to our katawasisin Nēhiyawewin. That is why it is important for us to take our love of this language and share it with you, thus forming a powerful Pekiskwewin Māmawāpiyak . With the creation of this website, we also hope to build an online māmawāpiyak, bringing people from everywhere together in our efforts to keep Nēhiyawewin alive. Together, we can accomplish anything. It is not possible for us to keep our Nēhiya language alive without all the support you've been showing us, and for that we thank you. 

Miyo-Pimātsiwin is a Facebook page we've recently started where we hope to provide an environment where you can heal and learn.

NWT Cree Language Program is our program's Facebook page where we post updates and share various resources that we find.

Nehiyawewin (Cree) Word/Phrase of the Day is a great online māmawāyāwin filled with people happy to help you in learning Nēhiya.

What community means to me, this is a short poem-esque work about what it means to be in a community, it is short and concise as well as a good reminder as to what the different aspects of being in a community are.


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