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Kisewātisiwin is an important thing in our lives. In both giving and receiving kisewātisiwin, we feel a sense of satisfaction, a joy that nothing else can bring. The knowledge that you are improving somebody’s life is a powerful thing. It is excellent for your cīhkēyimowin (self-esteem) and feeling of mamisiweyimisowin (self-confidence). Being kind effects both parties involved in a positive way, just as being negative does.

Kisewātisiwin is also a great thing to bring people māmawi (together). It is not one single person’s effort, but the effort of a māmawāyāwin (community). Being kind requires both a “giver” and a “receiver”, and an important thing to remember about being shown a kisewātisiwin is that it shows disrespect and a lack of appreciation of said kind gesture to ignore it without reason. And in a world where kisewātisiwin is becoming less of a social norm, it can be discouraging to the person attempting to be kind to such an extent that they no longer do such things for others. Kisewātisiwin is something that needs to be brought back, with all the current violence in our world; we could really use more mistahimekowin (generosity). Too often people choose the easier, negative path for their own selfish and violent needs.

One of the katawasisin (beautiful) things about sharing kisewātisiwin, is that it doesn`t take doing something extravagant to show it. Saying something as seemingly unimportant as “You look nice today.” could mean the world to someone. It is crucial to remember that words can have a powerful impact on people, saying the right thing can truly make somebody’s day. Having kisewātisiwin in your life is not something to be taken for granted. To be shown kisewātisiwin means that you are respected and believed to be deserving of a kind gesture. Being kind to another person shows them that you ka ataminahk (appreciate) them for what they are and that you would like them to be kamiyawātamihk (happy).

Arguably the most important thing about showing kisewātisiwin, is that in doing so, you are being a leader. You are teaching others to follow in your footsteps and do nice things for other people. It is essential for the survival of kisewātisiwin that we be an example for others by showing them that being kind is a beautiful thing. That a kind act being rejected is just something that happens every now and then. That perhaps being selfish is not the right thing.

Māmawi, we can make the world a better place.

Ekosi maka.

Kinanaskomitin ohci ayamihchikewin!


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And here is a great list of random acts of kindness in case you ever need a little inspiration! 

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